Thursday, 12 July 2012

I've Got a Golden Ticket

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; one of my all time favorite films. The most memorable scene for me is where Charlie buys the chocolate bar, unwraps it slowly and realizes he has found a golden ticket. This is followed by an excited Charlie running home to give his family the great news. If your worrying that this blog has turned to film reviews, don't worry, there is a point to all this (I think). This scene is a perfect analogy for the day I have had.

Today, I took my SAP certification which, if I passed, would show my company and colleagues that I have the knowledge for the job I have been hired to do. It would also open up many doors in my job including new and exciting opportunities for progression in my career path. After a painstaking 3 hours and 80 questions later, I was ready to press the submit button. I took a few deep breaths, gave a short prayer and pressed the button. The hourglass appears and I now know I am seconds away from knowing my fate. Beads of sweat drip down my face and these agonizing seconds seem to last for hours. I close my eyes and several seconds later I slowly look up to see the following word: 'Congratulations'. I pump my fist in joy to the annoyance of the guy next to me who still hasn't finished. I leave the room and make haste to get back to work to announce my victory over SAP. With this, I have been told I am being primed to get some hands-on consultancy work next week which I have been unable to get so far in my year at the company.

The certificate I will receive shortly acknowledging my exam success is my 'Golden Ticket' and I can honestly say I know what Charlie was feeling. One thing I failed to do though which my friend Charlie couldn't resist; sing.

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